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Samsung delivers processing power to the Dash Express
San Jose -- Samsung Electronics announced today its mobile application processor technology is powering the industry's first Internet-connected portable navigation device (PND). Samsung's application processor technology provides Dash Navigation ( with a high-performance, cost-effective solution for its award winning product, Dash Express.

"Consumers want PND devices with high-performance graphics capabilities that can handle tasks quickly, including multiple route calculations, and display updates including real-time data from the Internet," said Richard Yeh, director of marketing for Samsung Semiconductor's System LSI Division. "Dash is the latest customer to use one of Samsung's popular and high performance ARM processors. We are pleased to be a key technology provider for this exciting new product from Dash."

With a new approach to delivering real-time traffic information and Web-based services to drivers, Dash Express collects data from people driving real commute routes, during real commutes times. Samsung's processors already connect to cellular modems and WiFi for data connectivity in advanced smartphones and wireless PDAs, and Dash leveraged this infrastructure in developing this new PND device. Samsung's 400 MHz S3C2440 processor power allowed Dash Express designers to develop a product that can handle the most demanding use scenarios including simultaneous display updating, location updates and downloading information from the Internet while making a route re-calculation.

"When we started developing Dash Express, we needed a strong technology partner who understood the PND market and the particular requirements for wireless Internet-connected devices," said Rob Currie, president and chief operating officer Dash Navigation Inc. "Samsung's mobile application processor allowed us to design the industry's first PND device that enables true bi-directional data to flow between an individual car and the Dash Driver Network."

Optimized for this type of application, Samsung's application processors are preferred platforms for Linux-based platform developers. With a powerful ARM-based core and features including touch screen interface, advanced memory interfaces, audio support, display controller and flexibility to connect multiple radios, the Samsung application processor enabled the Dash Express designers to create an excellent user experience while eliminating extra parts and lowering overall bill-of-materials costs. source:

Intel Executive Says Powerful Processors, WiMAX to Bring Full Internet to Mobile Devices
Taipei -- Intel Corporation executive Sean Maloney today said more powerful microprocessors and high-speed WiMAX wireless networks will usher in a new era of the full Internet on mobile devices.

During the opening keynote speech at one of the world's largest technology trade shows, Maloney also unveiled new chipsets that make high-definition (HD) images on a desktop computer's screen look more realistic. He also announced the availability of new versions of Intel Atom processors for an emerging class of compact, easy-to-use devices called netbooks and nettops that will bring the Internet to new users.

"The convergence of mobile computers, WiMAX wireless broadband, and powerful, HD-rich computer technologies point to a tremendous growth opportunity," said Maloney, Intel Corporation executive vice president and general manager, Sales and Marketing Group. "Individuals - not households - will drive the next era of growth with people each owning one or more computing devices. People have an innate desire to be 'connected' all the time and see personalized, mobile technology as the way to meet that need."

Intel Technology Helping Industry Address Growth Opportunities

With the emergence of the netbook category this year, Intel believes that this will be the first year that more mobile computing devices will be sold than desktop computers. The company is delivering a variety of high-performance, low-power processors and other advanced computer technologies to help the industry address this opportunity with devices at all price points.

Maloney showed approximately 100 Intel processor and chipset-based motherboards, netbooks and nettops that computer makers are showcasing at Computex this week. Netbooks are compact mobile devices that children, first-time Internet users and people who desire an extra PC can use for basic computing applications, listening to music, e-mailing and surfing the Internet. They can also be used for playing basic online games, social networking and making voice over IP phone calls.

The new Intel 4 Series Chipsets will be used in mainstream desktop PCs powered by the latest 45nm Intel Core2 Duo and Intel Core2 Quad processors. Maloney said people want to store all their HD videos, photos, games and music in one 'central library' and be able to access it from portable Internet-connected devices while on-the-go.

"The Internet is going 'high-def,'" Maloney said. "Desktop PCs with these new chipsets let you enjoy, share and protect your digital life. They have the processing power and graphics to deliver stutter-free HD video playback, improved 3-D performance and leading storage capabilities."

WiMAX: The Network for Mobilizing Web 2.0

Maloney said ubiquitous wireless Internet access is required to mobilize how people are using the Internet today for things such as creating and watching videos, playing games and sharing photos. He said mobile WiMAX will make the Internet open, fast and mobile and it's quickly progressing toward a healthy global footprint. Informa Telecoms reports that carriers are deploying more than 281 fixed or mobile WiMAX networks today.

Chii-ming Yiin, Taiwan's minister of Economic Affairs, also addressed the keynote audience via video. He described how WiMAX represents the next growth opportunity for Taiwan's technology industry with local hardware, services and network infrastructure companies developing complete WiMAX solutions for use worldwide.

"Mobile WiMAX is the right solution and it's happening now," Maloney added. "Wireless networks will be how the majority of people get connected and they have to be Web 2.0 capable. That means they've got to have a lot of bandwidth to send data either to or from devices at a rapid-fire pace."

During the week of July 14 Intel will also introduce processors and some chipsets for its next-generation mobile PC platform called Intel Centrino 2 processor technology - formerly codenamed Montevina - for high-performance laptops. Intel's full line of chipsets and its Wi-Fi wireless product will ship in early August. source:

New smartphones pioneering fresh revenue streams
Boston -- According to a new report from Strategy Analytics, Nokia, Blackberry and Apple are pioneering fresh revenue streams for the mobile handset industry with their emerging push into value-added services such as navigation, email and music. Current revenues for all three vendors are modest, but growing.

Tom Kang, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics, said, "Nokia, Blackberry and Apple are among the first to realize that global handset revenues are approaching a peak; therefore fresh growth streams must be found in mobile services. A cocktail of promising applications for wireless consumers is already emerging, such as GPS navigation from Nokia, push-email from Blackberry and iTunes music from Apple."

Chris Ambrosio, Executive Director of Wireless at Strategy Analytics, added, "We estimate Nokia generated less than one percent of global revenue from its Ovi services sub-brand during 2007. Sales may be tiny, but they are growing. Strategy Analytics estimates that proportion can realistically achieve five percent of turnover by 2012. The real impact of Ovi, and other content offered by handset vendors however, will be in increased shipments of profitable, rich-media smartphones that will be necessary for accessing these advanced services. source:

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